Last Friday was an epic day of surfing along the East Coast and especially North Carolina.  Every place was going off.  Fortunately for us we chose our first spot in Kure Beach and we were the only ones there.  Trading overhead wave after wave in 40 degree water was just perfect.  We lasted a little over an hour and then took a break to warm up.  Next session was up in Carolina Beach.  Not quite as big but the wind started howling offshore and the waves got hollow.  I don’t think any of us made it out of a barrel but we definitely had fun.    We lasted a little more then an hour and then we were completely frozen.  The last great moment was sitting down and enjoying a beer while looking at Facebook and seeing all the amazing photos posted with huge smiles.  I think everyone from Nags Head, Cape Hatteras all the way down to Kure Beach scored some amazing surf.    I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day Surf Session as much as we did!!  Ma-halo!

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