So listen folks, we know the weather is starting to take a turn for the warm, days are getting loonnggeerr. Maybe your thinking about a new surfboard/shred stick/blade. May we make a suggestion?? Get some wood.

One of our instructors, the mighty talented Scott Taylor, makes wooden surfboards. What’s that you say, “Wood, does it float? Is it waterproof? What is this trickery of wooden surfboards?!” (I’m imagining you saying that with a 19th century mustache and English accent)*. Aye, tis’ true. When it comes to alaias and such Scott Taylor has fashioned himself into a master craftsmen of sorts. The best part is it’s local, maybe not the wood, but the guy and the shapes all from Wilmington, NC so you can be sliding and gliding the south east coast of North Carolina in style and class.

Courtesy Engrain Surfboards.

Courtesy Engrain Surfboards

Video courtesy of Dirty Habit Surf

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