Aloha! My name is Jill, I’m going to spare you all the stuttering with my last name and stick with, Kraz. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, so surfing was merely a dream of waves after a hurricane. It wasn’t until I moved south and enrolled at UNCW that I picked up a board. The last couple of years have been a learning process. Upon graduating, I packed up a suitcase, skateboard, and sunnies and jetted off to the pacific on search of adventure. First Hawaii, then Samoa, and finally New Zealand, which I set up camp for a year. There, I blended into the Kiwi culture and found work as a personal trainer and an elementary school Red Cross Instructor. Not long after my visa expired, I returned to Wilmington, the land of endless sunshine and outdoor activities. Even thought traveling is a thrill, it’s feels great to be back! If there is one thing I’ve learned while wandering, it would be to share. Share what you know, what you see, share your experiences, and most importantly, what you have. This is exactly the reason why I got involved with Ocean Cure. I figured what better way than to teach what I am most passionate about? And who could complain when you are in the ocean?

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