Kevin’s passion is all things ocean. From the science of a wave, to the animals, to conservation, Kevin is wealth of information- just ask him! Kevin grew up on the Finger Lakes in NY where he spent as much time as he could in the water wake boarding, life guarding, and was a champion swimmer. He graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in physical education. As an elementary school teacher at St. Marys in Wilmington, it’s only natural that he spend his summer break teaching surf lessons! Kevin is often heard saying that he loves surfing, but there is no greater feeling than helping someone else catch their first wave, which makes him such a great instructor. A combination of skill and patience, Kevin is sure to get ANYONE riding a wave! He is an avid supporter of Sea Shepherd, a die-hard Notre Dame fan, and the head stand master (only on a surf board though). When Kevin isn’t on the beach, he loves spending time with his two furry friends, Koa and Hogan. You can often find him skateboarding through the neighborhood streets of Carolina Beach, with one of the two of them towing him!

Kevin is also one of the pioneers of the non-profit, Ocean Cure. Going back to his determination of assisting others to surf, Ocean Cure helps those with disabilities through surfing. They also focus on giving back to the ocean by helping to protect and clean our beaches.

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