A couple of years ago we were fortunate enough to write and amazing program for UNCW called Surf and Science.  The best thing about it was it involved science, marine biology, oceanography, conservation and of course Surfing!!  The program includes visits to Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Kure Beach.  We explore our fragile eco-systems, learn about the wildlife that lives in it and how to protect it.  Our goal is to get 20 students each week to become ocean lovers and stewards of the environment through surfing.  The first question I ask each week is what do we need to surf.  Answers are always great waves, surfboards, wind, sand bars, etc.  All correct but on that first day the one thing that everyone doesn’t think of is clean water.  There are many spots around the world that have great waves but because of the water quality they can’t be surfed.  Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are until we see a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy or a man made disaster like the gulf oil spill.  As this 4th of July approaches and our beaches are flooded with trash try to remember the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy for not only us but for the amazing wildlife that lives there.

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