As Tropical storms and Hurricanes brew in the ocean so does the mind of the surfer.  With todays great technology we turn to the art of surf forecasting.  In the golden day that required waking up early heading down to the ocean and taking a look.  Today with all the technology that is out there from wind and buoy models to traveling scientist and even surf reports we can get a pretty accurate read.  For instance this weeks forecast is predicting some pretty fun surf Friday but only time will tell.  Just like the weather it is simply a prediction and things change on a moments notice  Here in Southeaster North Carolina specifically Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach a lot of factors will come in to play.  Wind direction, wind speed the recent dredging of the beaches, swell direction, and many more variables.  So as the tide will continue to change so won’t the waves and will just cross our fingers and hope for some great surf on that last day of Marinequest!!

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